The meeting industry is one of the most promising industries in Saudi Arabia and has achieved great growth in the last five years...

Chief Executive OfficerSaleh Alsayari
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To be the leading company in the events industry
with our professional human resources
backed by our IT investments.

About Pioneer Event

the meeting industry is expected to keep growing by no less than %35 per year, which has created a need for companies that can organize and execute events of different varieties based on high international standards that fulfills the investors’ aspirations and the targeted audience’s growing taste of events.

In the year of 2016 we decided to establish our company “Pioneer Event“, specializing in organizing and executing events of different varieties while applying high standards of organizations and international associations in the event industry to fulfill the need in the market for such specialized companies and satisfy the aspirations of investors in the event industry.

Our beginning was different from every competitor, we didn’t only try to grab project contracts and start executing, but we also started developing the human resources of our company and strengthening it with knowledge and expertise both local and international to take our services to the level that we hoped to achieve. Those efforts have resulted in us acquiring the international certification of exhibition management (CEM) given by the international association of exhibitions and events (IAEE) leading to us being one of the first Saudi companies whose team achieved this certificate.



Comprehensive organizing of events

Starting from your idea we will go in a creative journey building the event that you aim for without any effort from your side, our professional team will organize and execute your event with all its different levels and parts including.

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    Planning the event
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    Evaluation and feasibility
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    Governmental licenses
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    Designing and marketing
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    Sales and customer services
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    Sponsorships management
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    Crowd management
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    Closing and feedbacks

Fast Execution

Our creative team will quickly execute on your ideas and ensure everything is on point.

Elegant Setup

We put our heart and soul into making your event look fabulous and worthy of all the praise.

Fresh Ideas

We enjoy brainstorming sessions to come up with fresh ideas that are unique to each event.

Award Winning

Our event management services have been loved and appreciated by hundreds of clients.


Partial organizing of events

Either a single person or a company, making your event completely in your own is not going to be an easy job. Therefore, our professional teams are ready to back you up in any part of your event creation and execution, implementing the highest international standards that we follow in Pioneer Event.


Make an unforgettable experience
Technology is helping humans in every field; therefore, we have invested in «tammevents» portal, which is the first portal of its type in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which allows for simple electronic ticketing system and crowd management services all together.

«tammevents» portal is going to be the main supplier of ticket sales and crowd management services for many events, we are still investing in developing the portal and adding new services that would help the events industry.

Public Relations

Your event will be the center of attention!
Organizing and executing a successful event relies fundamentally on the quality of public relations and communication management before, during and after an event. In pioneer event we have established many great relations and networks, giving us the ability to support our customers with the best public relations solutions to distinguish their events from all the other events.

Attracting events

Developing your investment is our core policy!
Attracting successful leading international events is one of the most successful investments in the events industry, attracting the right event can lead in direct and indirect returns of investments that would result in achieving the leadership that we seek to support.

To attract the right event, it’s very important to study the event to understand the temporal, cultural and social factors. Our event attracting team will be ready to help you in attracting an event successfully starting with an SWOT analysis of your business and making the right communication management till the success of attracting the event.

Organizing of meetings

Distinguish your meetings!
Organizing meetings in different cities and of different sizes is one of our main areas , organizing a successful meeting will directly affect the results of the meeting.

We made sure in pioneer event of providing different options of business meetings management with different sizes and levels backed by our professional partners in the meetings industry and mental image creation.

Destination management

Our Kingdom like never seen before!
Hosting important people for events is a very big challenge to most event organizing companies and organizations, due to the cultural differences and the hosting character. Our knowledge of this challenge in Pioneer Event has made us ready side by side with our professional partners to take this challenge on and manage the hosting of your guests from the gate of their airplane to their return home and we guarantee an unforgettable experience for all of them.

Our Experiences

Creating Unforgettable Events

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